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O Melhor

So accurate !!

You are always on time with Waze

Love the app

Best app ever!!!

Love this app

Love this app

Awesome app

Totally loving this app.

Nothing Matches This App

Love all the alerts and the customizability.

Best GPS app Ive found!!

Need to change your location services to "When using App" & not just "Never" or "Always". Its a pain to turn the location to always when I want to use it, & runs the battery down unless its set to never. If it wasnt for that, you would get a 5 star rating. ??✌️

What GPS

I dont even use my car GPS anymore this is faster and more accurate on arrival times and gets me around traffic jam snows the traffic jams and knows where I need to slow down

Best of the best

This is the app ever I love it is very easy like 123

Best Driving App ever!

We all use it in our family. My daughter can get to her destinations without DAD GPS. I can die in peace.

The best

The best dam driving app I have used


Not as good ad it used to be I am strongly considering going to a competitor. Since an update in early August, there are issues with "sound" I deleted app and reinstalled to see if it will help

Alerts are always too late

Alerts are always too late. Ive missed so many turns because the audio alert is always late. Perhaps a slow down alert or timing it a second or 2 earlier


If this route mapping technology is so great, I cannot help but feel miserable for the poor individuals who take my normal route home. If it took me on a service drive and a "shortcut" through the ghetto that ended up taking an hour longer, then those poor fools must still be stuck on the on ramp to the freeway. Waze helped me avoid what must have been a 1,478,389 car pile up, if not more. This is the only logical explanation as to why it had me go the way I did. It is entirely possible waze just saved my life. Life changing app. 10/10 would suggest to the devil himself.


Use it all the time and it keeps surprising me with new and helpful routes to take!!


If you wants maps on your phone Waze is the one to get. Not only does it you to your destination it also tell you if there is traffic and how to avoid it. Another cool feature is that if you have kids once you get to your destination it reminds you to not leave or forget your kids. Waze is an amazing map app and it has so many cool features.

Best traffic app

Gets it done

Best Nav App Ever!

This app has gotten me out of some awful traffic situations! Its rerouted me around many accidents, saving me time and money! Knowing where hazards are has also been very helpful! I also actively participate when there are problems. Its FREE and IT WORKS!!!!

Great App

I love using Waze app to avoid traffic congestion and to plan my road trips.

Search On Map Wont Go Away

The search field on the map wont go away even though Ive turned off the setting under the Display &a map settings.

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